Financial Aid

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The FAFSA Application is available for students to complete and submit every October 1, preceding the academic year. Tips for filling out the FAFSA.

Leeward CC’s Financial Aid Office is green!  All correspondence from our Financial Aid Office is sent via email.  Students should log in to and check MyUH Services to view the status of their financial aid application (missing requirements, awards, etc.).  Hard copy communication is no longer sent to students.

Financial Aid can help you pay for College.

Leeward CC is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. It all starts with being sure you know about Financial Aid opportunities.

What is Financial Aid?
Our financial aid program helps students and parents determine the best way to pay for college. Financial aid funds can be used for the cost of education:

  • tuition & fees
  • room & board
  • books & supplies
  • transportation

There are many types of financial aid, some based on need, others on merit. Last year, our College awarded more than $5 million in Financial Aid to our students. We encourage you to file an application to see if you are able to receive money for your college education.