How to Apply

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Attending Leeward CC is a smart choice.

You'll have a variety of program options, you'll save money, and you'll have faculty and staff committed to helping you succeed! Applying is easy. No SATs, no essays! Just follow the instructions based on "who you are" in the list below. Be sure to check out the program options, the great campus activities and all the free support services we offer!

Apply to become a Leeward student.

If you need any help, stop by, or give us a call. We're here to support your educational goals!

Admissions & Records // AD 220 (during renovations DH-A 108)// 455-0642
Counseling // AD 208 (during renovations DH-C)// 455-0233 or email

 How much will it cost Info on tuition, fees and financial aid

 Program OptionsFind your path. Explore your options.

 Support for your Success Free services for Leeward students.

 Health Requirements What you need before you can register for classes.

 CounselingThe first step for academic success!

 Campus Activities Clubs, performances, & great events.