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Bring Your Product to Market: ‘Āina to Mākeke



This 12 Week education program examines what it takes to become a successful food business
entrepreneur. Workshop sessions guide the participant in how to scale-up a kitchen recipe into a
commercial product that is ready for market.

Workshop instructors are food industry professionals that contribute their experience and
expertise to answer questions about how to:

  •  PRODUCE a safe and wholesome consumer food product
  •  PROMOTE a food product through established market channels
  •  PROFIT as a business from the manufacture and sales of your product.

Program will provide sessions with business advisors, coaches or entrepreneurs in the creation
of their new business and the logistics of sourcing ingredients and packaging, regulatory
compliance, and approaches to specialty food marketing.

Course Schedule

Online registration is for debit/credit card purchase only. For other payments, use Standard Registration.

Click on a course section to see dates and to add to your cart. Course details and schedules are subject to change without prior notice. For future course schedules, you may also contact our office. View “contact and information” section in the Course Details.

Course Details

1. Meet and learn from industry experts: If you know the right people, you can ask the right
2. Learn how to create and execute a business plan: If you don’t have a plan and goals
you’re on your way to nowhere
3. Learn the importance of knowing your product and product margins: If you’re not making
money, you are not in business!

Please contact haca@hawaiifoodandwinefestival.com if you have any questions.