Sustainability at Leeward

Members of Sustainability Committee working on lower campus

With Global Climate Change Week approaching  (Oct. 9 - 13, 2017), Sustainability Committee is focusing on energy conservation here at Leeward CC. An important question of our time is: How can we reduce energy consumption (and simultaneously save money)?  Read more about energy conservation and how you can help our campus improve…

In 2009, Chancellor Manny Cabral challenged the campus to embrace sustainability and "Go Green." Under the guidance of Vice Chancellor Mark Lane, the college's Sustainability Committee has grown and evolved. Currently guided by Natalie Wahl, the committee meets regularly to review best practices and initiate a variety of new practices on campus.

Leeward Community College’s Sustainability Committee is comprised of students, staff, and faculty members dedicated to fostering a more sustainable campus and community through education, activities, and initiatives.

Natalie Wahl, Chair
(808) 455-0673

Fall 2017 Scheduled Meetings
August 25, September 22, October 20, and November 17, 2017
noon-1:30 pm in the Kapunawai Room, Library


  • Myrna Rivera Vega: Hawaiian Electric Companies Green Student Leader Award for pioneering the Student Sustainability Coordinator position
  • Nathan Parker, Kayla Bradley and Russell Tolentino: Hawaiian Electric Companies Green Student Leader Awards for leadership in coordinating and implementing campus waste reduction initiative
  • Emily Uribe and Catherine Walker of Ethnomathematics Institute Team: 2017 Presidentʻs Leadership in Sustainability Awards for leadership in exploring ancestral knowledge and modern sciences

Don't Forget to Use: Water Bottle Refilling Stations, located at the PS, BS, LA, and AM buildings.  Let's keep saving!