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Withdrawing (Class or Complete)

Complete Withdrawal

If you decide to drop all your Leeward CC classes, you must officially withdraw from them in STAR GPS.  The College does not automatically withdraw students for non-payment.  Students must withdraw themselves from their unwanted classes by the published deadlines in order to avoid academic and financial consequences.

Tuition refunds are only given to students who withdraw during the appropriate tuition refund periods, which occur early in the semester.  Check our academic calendar for the 100% and 50% tuition refund deadlines.  

Need help?  Contact the Admissions and Records Office, at (808) 455-0642 or at lccar@hawaii.edu.  You can also walk into the Welcome Center on the 2nd floor of AD.  Please visit the Welcome Center website for their current hours of operation.

WHEN you drop a class matters… there are three slots of time to think about:

The first three weeks of the semester (much sooner for shorter courses) are called the “erase period.” If you officially withdraw from a course during this period, the class is ERASED…no grade or record of the course will show on your academic record. You will also likely be eligible for a 100% or 50% tuition refund.  See the Academic Calendar for the last day of the Erase Period and the tuition refund deadlines for semester-long courses.

If you drop classes after the erase period but before the withdrawal deadline, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund, but you will receive a “W” grade for those courses. The withdrawal deadline generally occurs at the end of the tenth week of classes for semester-long courses (much sooner for shorter courses). See the Academic Calendar to view the final withdrawal deadline for semester-long courses.

If you do not complete a course and/or you don’t officially withdraw from that course, you may receive an “F” grade.,  Receiving an “F” will affect your GPA and CAN affect both your financial aid eligibility and your academic standing!

A Note about Accelerated and Modular (Part-of-Term) Classes

Modular or accelerated courses, which are shorter than semester-long classes and have different start and end dates, have different withdrawal and tuition refund deadlines than full-term classes.  These deadlines generally come up much faster for accelerated classes–in some cases within the first few days of class–because the courses themselves run for a shorter period of time.

For the exact erase, withdrawal, and tuition refund deadlines for your accelerated or modular class, please contact our Admissions and Records Office at lccar@hawaii.edu or at (808) 455-0642.  You can also walk into our Student Services Welcome Center during hours of operation.

Course Withdrawal and Financial Aid

Withdrawing from your classes, no matter when it occurs may have an impact on your financial aid award and/or your future financial aid eligibility.  Please be sure to consult the Financial Aid Office if you are planning to withdraw from classes.