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Participation Verification

Each semester, instructors are asked to identify students who are not attending/not participating in their classes. Students who do not participate in their classes during the first week of the semester are considered to be “No Shows.” The College assumes that “No Show” students no longer wish to participate in their education. 

Starting in Spring 2021, instructors across the University of Hawaii system will be asked to identify students who are not participating in their classes. Students who are identified as “No Shows” will be administratively disenrolled from their classes and given a 100% tuition refund. These changes are a part of a system-wide policy and initiative called “Participation Verification.”

Participation Verification:

  • Helps to release students who registered but did not intend to come from a financial obligation and failing grade.
  • Puts us in compliance with federal financial aid guidelines.

All faculty can refer to the UH System website on reporting instructions.

If youʻre teaching a 5-week class for our Online AA Degree Program, view the UH website for your deadlines and instructions on how to use Laulima to report your students.

Student FAQs
  • Why are campuses doing this?
    It is part of a systemwide effort to be in compliance with federal financial aid. It also helps students avoid unnecessary debt and unnecessary failing grades.
  • How can I tell if I have been reported by my teacher as a No Show?
    • You can view any No Show reports filed that involve you in STAR. Please check STAR regularly after the late registration period has ended to see if you’ve been reported as a No Show. Additionally, students identified as No Shows will receive an email letting them know.
    • Need help figuring out how to view STAR? View the UH Participation Verification website.
  • What if I was reported by mistake?
    Contact your instructor right away!
  • What is the best way to make sure I’m not reported by mistake?
    Make sure you participate in your class activities!
  • Are all instructors reporting No Shows?
    All instructors since Fall 2021 have been reporting No Shows.
Faculty FAQs
  • What is considered “Participation?”
    • View the UH Participation Verification website.
    • Please be sure to document how you determined the participation for each of your students.
  • How do I report my students?
    • View the tutorial on STAR.
    • View the UH Participation Verification website for 5-week Online AA Degree Program classes.
  • What if I make a mistake in reporting?
    • If the request is made and approved prior to the faculty certification deadline, the instructor will remove the “X” grade to allow the student to remain enrolled in the course. If faculty approval is given after the reporting deadline, the instructor must complete the Leeward CC Participation Verification Class Reinstatement Request form and submit to VCAA for approval. Once approved by VCAA, the form will route to the Registrar for appropriate action. The faculty member and student will receive a notification upon completion of the reinstatement.
  • I’m teaching a 5-Week Online Class for the Online AA Degree Program. How do I report my No Shows?
    • View the UH Participation Verification website for 5-week Online AA Degree Program classes.