MSF Advanced Rider Course



The Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) is designed for experienced motorcycle riders.  For the purposes of this course, an experienced rider is one who has basic skills and is a current rider with a motorcycle license or endorsement.  This course complements skills learned and experienced in previous RiderCourses.  Special emphasis is given to self-assessment, risk management, rider behavior, riding strategies, and overall skill development, particularly in braking, cornering and swerving techniques.  It includes a fast-paced classroom segment (4 hours) with several fun interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Range exercises (4 hours) enhance both basic operating skills and crash-avoidance skills. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle.

Course Schedule

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Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • State the value of a pre-ride motorcycle inspection.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in low-speed maneuvering exercises.
  • Execuse quick stops within an acceptable standard, and be able to maneuver into an open lane after stopping.
  • Describe the safety implications of the three parts of total stopping distance.
  • Use various body lean angles for turning and cornering.
  • Execute speed and lane position adjustments for swerving.
  • Execute speed and lane position adjustments in curves.
  • Execute speed and lane position adjustments for multiple curves.
  • Execute speed and lane position adjustments for decreasing radius curves.
  • Select a safe gap in traffic using proper procedures.
  • Students must show completion of MSF Basic RiderCourse or equivalent.
  • Students must use their own motorcycle.
  • Students must show proof of insurance, current registration, and safety inspection at the start of class.
  • Personal Protective Gear requirements:
    • DOT certified motorcycle helmet
    • Eye protection
    • Sturdy long pants (thin exercise or yoga pants not allowed)
    • Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear
    • Long sleeves
    • Full-finger gloves, leather preferred

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