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Bryson Padasdao

Math & Sciences
PS-107 Office Phone: (808) 455-0254
Campus Committee Membership

Curriculum Committee

Other Responsibilities and Activities

Engineering and Physics Discipline Coordinator (2014 – present), Curriculum Support Coordinator (2021 – present), Editor for Leeward CC Catalog Programs & Degrees/Certificates (2021 – present), Hawai’i Space Grant Consortium Associate Director (2016 – 2022), Co-Developer for Integrated Industrial Technology (IIT) program, UH Manoa College of Engineering Student Project Grant Program Advisor (2014 – 2015), Electrical Engineering Sophomore/Junior/Senior Project Advisor (2014 – present), Leeward District and Hawai’i State Science Fair Judge (2014 – present), Hawai’i State Science Olympiad Event Supervisor (2014 – present), IEEE Publications Peer Reviewer (2014 – present)

Subjects Taught

CE 270 Applied Mechanics I, EE 160 Programming for Engineers, EE 211 Basic Circuit Analysis I, EE 213 Basic Circuit Analysis II, EE 260 Introduction to Digital Design, EE 296 Sophomore Project, PHYS 272 General Physics II, PHYS 272L General Physics II Lab, PHYS 274 General Physics III, SCI 295EN STEM Research Experience in Engineering, IIT 201 AC/DC Circuits, IIT 205 Digital and Analog Circuits

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