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Digital Media

Explore the options in digital communications: web design, animation, digital video, internet publishing, and more!

Our Digital Media program offers you:

    • A solid foundation of art and design with the practical technical skills
    • Integrated training in art theory, web development, computer graphics, and digital photography
    • Work with non-linear digital video, streaming media and web animation, motion graphics, and 2D and 3D animation
    • Four specializations in the AS degree: Character Animation, Creative Media, Digital Video for the Web, and Internet Publishing

Program Details

Associate in Science, Digital Media (60 credits) provides creative individuals with the art and design training needed to explore and express ideas using leading-edge technology and skill-sets in one of five specializations: Animation and Motion Graphics, Creative Media, Digital Photography, Digital Video for the Web, and Internet Publishing. You will develop skills required for a vast array of digital media careers, including web design and development, multimedia-production, digital video production, corporate communications, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, and interactive media. Requirements for the AS degree

Academic Subject Certificate, Creative Media (21 credits) is designed for those who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in one of two specializations: Animation & Computer Games or Interactive Media. Through your specialization, you will gain the art and design training needed to explore and express ideas using leading-edge technology, and a balance of technical skills and aesthetic development, culminating in a portfolio-building project. Requirements for the Academic Subject Certificate

Certificate of Achievement, Digital Media (30 credits) is designed to provide you with entry-level skills or job upgrading for positions under direct supervision in Multi-Media and Web Development. Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Competence, Digital Photography (9 credits) provides you with both the technical and visual communication skills required for a variety of careers related to photography and imaging. Requirements for the Certificate of Competence

Certificate of Competence, Digital Video for the Web (9 credits) challenges you with real-world video production in a variety of global and local contexts. You will experience storytelling, animation, editing, broadcasting and directing. Requirements for the Certificate of Competence

Certificate of Competence, Graphic Design (9 credits) provides training in practical, technical, and theoretical desktop publishing skills used by the graphic arts and allied industries in the areas of publication and print promotion. Requirements for the Certificate of Competence

Certificate of Competence, Motion Graphics (9 credits) prepares you for a variety of careers in the Multimedia industries. You will build a strong foundation in Digital Art, visual and information design and animation for Film and TV. Requirements for the Certificate of Competence

Time And Costs
The time to complete the certificates or the degree varies from one to four semesters. To obtain the associate degree in two years, you have to take an average of 15 credits/semester.

Costs: tuition and fees

Robert Oshita, Instructor CC, Digital Media;  B.A., Communication, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Irwin Yamamoto, Assistant Professor CC, Digital Media and Television Production; A.A., Liberal Arts, Leeward Community College; B.A., Speech; M.Ed., Educational Technology, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Program Contacts

Irwin Yamamoto
Program Coordinator
GT 112

(808) 455-0513

Blake Hunrick
Program Counselor
DH-C 105 C

(808) 455-0243