Title IX Resources

Campus Resources

If you wish that details of an incident be kept confidential, speak with a campus mental health counselor and/or health services providers or a confidential advocate.

Campus counselors are available to help on an emergency basis. Their service is free of charge. Members of the clergy, chaplains, and off-campus rape crisis center staff can also maintain confidentiality. Local resources such as crisis centers are also confidential and have no duty to report your information to the University.

In addition, the University has designated Confidential Offices where students can seek assistance in a confidential manner. Going to a Confidential Office will not put the University on notice of specific allegations.  See below for contact information.

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC)

A Campus Survivor Advocate (CSAP) will be on the Pearl City campus two days a week, and at the Wai’anae Moku center one to two days a week. Contact Nicole Manuma at (808) 260-7839 or nicolem@stoptheviolence.org.

​You can also contact the Toll-Free Helpline at (800) 690-6200 or the Legal Hotline (808) 531-3771.

​Student Health Center

Office: Diamond Head Portables, A-104
Phone: 808-455-0515
Student Health Center Website

Mental Health Counseling Services

Office: Diamond Head Portables, C-104
Phone: 808-455-0516
Email: to be posted

Veterans Resource Center

Office: BS 103
Phone: 808-455-0672
Email: to be posted