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Start fresh or start again. Get your degree online.

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You have your reasons. Maybe you want a new career, you want to set an example for your children or maybe itʻs just been a lifelong dream of yours. Our Online AA degree is designed especially for working adults—flexible, focused and affordable, offered in accelerated 5-week segments and you take one class at a time. Plus, you can continue onto the new UH online bachelor programs.

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For information or assistance, please email Online AA Program Counselor, Jordan Lewton.

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Student Testimonials

Getting a college degree isnʻt easy when you have to work, manage a family or have other responsibilities. Our students have shown amazing resilience in overcoming their obstacles to pursue their education through our Online AA degree program. We would like to share their stories with you to motivate and encourage you!

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Identify Your Track

Leeward’s Liberal Arts (Online) Associate in Arts degree consists of sixty (60) credits, approximately twenty (20) courses, at the 100-200 levels. There are two fully online AA degree tracks at Leeward: Cohort: Year-Round and Flex Track. Students may pursue either track based on their eligibility and preferences. Details below.

Cohort: Year-Round

Students who have earned 0-30 college-level credits and have college-level test/placement scores may opt to join the Year-Round cohort track (LBRO). Year-Round cohort students take three 5-week courses in the Fall, three 5-week courses in the Spring, and two 5-week courses in the Summer. After approximately 2.5 years, Year-Round cohort students earn their AA degree! To join the Year-Round track, students must schedule a phone or Zoom appointment with the Online Counselor prior to registering for classes.

Have questions? View our FAQs for the year-round cohort.

Flex Track

Students who have earned 30+ college-level credits, or do not have college-level test/placement scores, or need certain online courses that are not offered in the 5-week format may pursue their AA degree fully online through the Flex track (LBRD). Flex track students have flexibility to take online courses in a more flexible way; students may choose to take 16-week online courses, 5-week online courses, or a combination of both. Academic advising is recommended and available by appointment prior to registering for classes.

Student stories

For Sassie Keaulana, raising five children meant that she had to stop college and work full-time. Thanks to our Online AA degree program, after 19 years, she is now able to attend classes, keep her full-time job and still spend time with her 'ohana. She gives credit to Leewardʻs support services (tutoring, counseling, instructors) and the financial assistance she received for making this possible. "They (Financial Aid Office) will help you... you might think ʻoh, I donʻt have moneyʻ... trust me, there are ways," she says. Although the course is fast-paced and may seem intimidating, she believes that it is very doable if you maintain your schedule and seek help from your counselor or instructor when needed.

Chaston Tobosa went to Leeward CC for one semester but did not feel like he was ready for college. His parents started having financial problems so he started working. After working at Zippyʻs, the post office, Pearl Harbor and now corrections, he realized that he needs a degree to pursue his goal of going into public administration or counseling. With the Online AA he goes to school while working, which is very convenient, and the 5-week online format allows him to focus on one subject at a time. When things get tough he reminds himself to, "Keep your eyes on the goal, remember why you started... it does cost money and time... and look at the positives."

Like many others, George Kaanana went to college (at UH Mānoa) but chose to focus on his family instead of finishing his education. After seeing his five children to adulthood, and a successful career in the hotel industry, he now works in the airline industry and is taking advantage of the Online AA program to fulfill his dream of getting his degree. George wants to make sure that the money his father spent on his education in his youth did not go to waste. He is also using this opportunity to "be an example to others" as he nears 60 years of age, saying "itʻs never too late."