The Greening of the Green Room

A look at the Greening of the Green Room

A beautiful mural graces the walls of the Richard Aadland Green Room, located in the basement level of The Leeward Theatre.  Inspired by French painter, Henri Rousseau, Leeward CC student Sachiyo “Sasha” Lee designed and painted the mural with help from friends Jordan Miller and Kelen Uslan.

The project was supervised by Assistant Professor Michael Harada, who also helped with the overall vision of the mural.

“I’ve never worked on anything this big before,” says Sasha. The project involved painting the entire room from top to bottom.  “I really love it… but I was so relieved and happy when it was done.”

The Green Room is provided for artists and guests to wait before being called for their appearance on stage. Performers use the room for warming-up or relaxing and it may also be available after shows for gatherings with talent, crew, invited guests or audience members.

“I want to make more of these kinds of murals at the school,” Sasha says passionately, “to energize the students.” She looks forward to getting involved with other community art projects and those interested in her work can follow her Instagram account where she occasionally posts different pieces she’s working on.

For more information about The Leeward Theatre and for a schedule of performances during the current renovation project, please visit the theatre website.