Guided Pathway to Graduation

What is STAR? It is a web-based tool designed to assist you in staying on track to graduation.
What can you do with STAR?

  • Track Degree Requirements with your Academic Essentials
  • Explore different pathways and majors with the What If Journey
  • Make sure you stay on track to graduation with the Graduation Pathway
  • Graduate On Time and Get Ahead with STAR

Make sure you're ready to register:

New students, be sure:

  1. You have a UH user name and password
  2. You've submitted your Health Clearance Forms
  3. You've completed NSO

Returning Students, be sure

  1. You know your registration dates
  2. You've cleared any holds, which are typically financial or not doing well academically
What If Journey
Before You Register - How to change the number of credits and move courses
Before You Register - Adding a Personal Choice
Selecting Your Courses-Building Your Schedule
More Filters Options
How to Wait List a Class
Making Changes and Submitting Registration
Changing or Dropping a Class after Registration
Registration Errors

**Step by Step Guide to STAR Registration (pdf)

Details on Waitlisting Classes (pdf)
What it is, how it works!
More videos and PDFs can be added. Let us know what you want to see!