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TVPRO Tracks

Program "Tracks" & Required Time

TVPR 100 level courses emphasize video equipment operation. TVPR 200 level classes emphasize storytelling, application and mastery of equipment, and aesthetics.

Math 100 or higher and English 100 or higher are required courses for the Certificate of Achievement and the Associate in Science degree and are recommended preparation for program entry and the Certificate of Completion. All required TVPro courses are offered over three semesters.

You must pass all TVPro courses with a “C” or better to graduate. An advising appointment with, and signature of, the TVPRO Program Coordinator is required prior to registration.

The 15 credit Certificate of Completion Level I courses and program can be completed in as little as one semester. The 38-credit Certificate of Achievement program adds Level II TVPro classes to the Certificate of Completion and can be completed in as few as two semesters. The 64 credit Associate In Science Degree adds yet another Level III of TVPro courses to the Certificate of Achievement program and requires an additional 9 credits of general education courses. The A.S. degree in TVPro can be completed in three or four semesters.

The program requires significant time commitments from students, as well as rigorous academic and "hands on" training. Plan to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week in class and labs, and at least 8 to 12 hours of study time per week.

All lower numbered TVPro courses are prerequisites to the next level. Many TVPro students have selected to continue their education at other institutions. TVPro courses can be transferred but the decisions on which courses transfer and how they count is always made by the institution to which the student transfers.


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