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This program is unique and one of the very few in the US which is vocational. Unlike many Fine Arts or Communications programs, TVPro was co-designed by industry leaders and university educators to teach the knowledge as well as the skills necessary to enter the TV production profession. Besides broadcast stations, additional opportunities exist in sports, network TV, news, films, advertising agencies, commercials, government, educational TV, cable TV, foreign productions shot in Hawaii, private production companies, industrial and corporate TV, and Hollywood.

Entry-level jobs might include camera operator, sound, lighting, editing, floor manager, TelePrompter, graphics, and news production. As with many occupations, entry-level jobs often pay minimum wages, but with talent, luck, skill, opportunity, discipline, and ambition earnings potential is unlimited. Many TV production careers are covered by union contracts, which dictates wages. With the multimedia explosion, streaming video, and the Internet, job outlook in this field remains optimistic in the short term, and very optimistic in the long term. Job placement rates for this program have traditionally remained very high.

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