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TVPRO Before Entry

If you are considering entry into TVPro, this is what you should do:

  • Review the information on this website to make sure this program is what you want
  • Declare TVPro as your major when you register, or change it immediately. Otherwise, we cannot contact you. (You will receive a letter confirming you have been accepted into Leeward CC, and that you have been accepted as a TVPro major. This letter does NOT guarantee a reservation or your registration into the program. You must still register for each TVPro course if there are any seats available.)
  • Work with just one Leeward Counselor. If you don’t have one, get one.
  • Check with the Program Coordinator the Thursday before classes begin each semester. If any seats open up, that is when the “stand-by” list is created, schedule or program changes are announced
  • If you cannot get a seat in TVPro production classes, you can register for TVPro 101, 210, 211, or 212 anytime, which have larger enrollments and no corequisite requirements.
  • Complete any English 100 or higher, and any Math 100 or higher at any UH campus, which are prerequisites for all Certificate of Achievement and Associate in Science courses. You can complete this while you are waiting for a seat in TVPro or waiting for the first semester 100 level TVPro classes to begin.
  • You can also complete the nine credits of “General Education” classes while you are waiting to get into TVPro, rather than “sit out” two semesters. If follow this plan at Leeward CC, you will get an earlier registration date which dramatically increases your chances of getting a TVPro seat, and you will probably be able to graduate from the program with no loss of time.

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