Transferring to UH Manoa

Meeting with a Counselor is the most effective start for planning your transfer to UH Manoa.

If you have completed 24 credits in college-level courses with a cumulative GPR of 2.0 or higher (residents applicant or 2.5 GPR or higher as a non-resident applicant), you could be admitted to Manoa as a transfer student even if previously denied admission to Manoa as a freshman applicant.

If you have not completed 24 credits of college-level courses at Leeward, you will be subject to the same admission requirements as entering freshmen applying to Manoa. New applicants are required to submit a transcript of satisfactory high school work and official scores of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT-I) or the American College Test (ACT).

If you had previously been admitted to Manoa but elected to begin at Leeward, you may reapply to transfer to Manoa at any time. However, whatever Manoa admission requirements are in effect at the time of reapplication have to be met.

Submit Official Transcripts from All Colleges
Any Leeward student transferring to Manoa after attending another college or university must submit transcripts from each such college. Transcripts of work completed at Leeward Community College, may be viewed by the student’s home campus electronically. Check with the Admissions and Records Office at your home campus for evaluation and transfer procedures. The credits and grades earned will be evaluated by Manoa to determine eligibility for transfer.

General Definition of Transferable Courses
Courses acceptable for transfer to Manoa are generally those numbered 100 and above. Some Leeward courses numbered 1-99 (primarily skill and occupational courses) may be accepted at Manoa for credit toward certain degrees, such as the Bachelor of Education in Industrial Arts Education. Although transfer credit may be granted for a course, it does not necessarily mean that the course will satisfy the curricular requirements of a particular college or degree program.

D Grades When Transferring to Manoa
Currently, Manoa allows transfer credit for a course in which a grade of D was earned at Leeward , however, the course may be unacceptable toward fulfilling the course requirements for a particular major or degree.

Leeward courses in which a grade of W, Q, N, NC, F, or I have been earned are not acceptable for credit at Manoa.

Number of Credits that May Transfer to Manoa
Currently, Manoa does not impose a limit on the number of credits in courses numbered 100 or higher which may be transferred from a UH community college. However, Manoa accepts no more than 60 credits in transfer from junior or community colleges outside the University of Hawaii system.

If you intend to complete more than 60 credits at Leeward, work out your course of study very carefully with Manoa and Leeward CC counselors, taking into consideration any relevant policy changes, the specific curricular requirements of the college in which you to enroll, the courses required for the major field of study, and the minimum residency requirement at Manoa.

Credit/No Credit Option at Manoa
At Manoa, only elective courses may be completed on a “credit/no credit” basis. This option is not allowed for any course taken to fulfill a University, college, school, or department non-elective requirement, with the exception of those courses offered for mandatory credit/no credit. Students planning to transfer to Manoa must be aware of this Manoa policy.

Transfer of Grade Point Average to Manoa
Leeward students transferring to Manoa do not receive grade point credit for courses completed at the community college. Although the grade point average is not transferred to Manoa, it is considered for admission purposes by the various programs at Manoa.

Admission Policies of the Various UH Manoa Colleges
In addition to the policies outlined above for general admission to the Manoa campus, the student transferring from a community college is subject to the admission requirements of the particular major, college, or school in which he or she wishes to enroll at UH Manoa.

The various colleges and schools offering baccalaureate degrees at UH Manoa include: Arts and Sciences; Business Administration; Education; Engineering; Health Sciences and Social Welfare; Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources; School of Architecture; School of Hawaiian; Asian and Pacific Studies; and School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology.

Any student wishing to be a candidate for a degree from Manoa must specify the major/college in which she or he wishes to enroll when she or he applies for general admission to the University. Some majors (e.g., business administration, education, and social work) require junior standing as one requirement for admission.

Students are strongly advised to consult with an advisor about the requirements of the campus and the program to which they plan to transfer. Some of the more popular transfer programs at UH Manoa include
     Computer Science
     Environmental Studies
     Physical Therapy
     Health-Related professions
     Social Work

College catalogs are published once per year and do not always reflect the most recent campus actions involving core courses. For the most recent information concerning core courses, students should check with their advisors.

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