Filing a Report, Title IX

Leeward Community College is committed to providing a community built on trust and mutual respect, where all can feel secure and free from harassment. Sexual harassment and gender-based violence violates a person’s rights, dignity and integrity and is contrary to our community principles and the mission of the University. Leeward is committed to fostering a community that promotes prompt reporting of sexual misconduct and timely and fair resolution of sexual misconduct cases.

What to expect when: Reporting to the University

Leeward CC has designated the Title IX Coordinator to oversee complaints of sexual misconduct. An individual who has experienced sexual misconduct has the right to choose whether to report the incident to Leeward’s Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators for investigation.  The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are specially trained to work with individuals who report sexual misconduct and have knowledge about on- and off-campus resources, services, and options – including the availability of interim protective measures and accommodations

-You can also file a report in person at Title IX Coordinator’s Office or call (808) 455-0478

What to expect when:  Reporting to Police

Leeward Community College encourages individuals to report incidents of sexual misconduct to local police. Timely reporting to the police is an important factor in successful investigation and prosecution of crimes, including sexual violence crimes, and may lead to the arrest of an offender or aid in the investigation of other incidents.

For more information and support, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, (808) 455-0478.

Suggestions regarding:  Preserving Evidence

Regardless of whether an incident of sexual misconduct is reported to the police or the University, Leeward strongly encourages individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct to preserve evidence to the greatest extent possible, as this will best maintain all legal options for them in the future. Details on what to do