Renovations Start- updated

Project impacts pedestrian walkways. Plan ahead!

Pardon the inconvenience! The long-awaited renovations on our Theatre will begin on Monday, October 10. Contractors will be restricting access to all areas around the Theatre. At the same time, the Diamond Head portables are also being renovated. All this construction work will impact pedestrian and bike access, especially from the Diamond Head parking areas. The map above indicates access from the side parking lots to campus buildings.

During the project, anticipated to take approximately one year, pedestrian access will be restricted:

  • behind the Theatre
  • along the service road between the OM building and the DH Portables.
  • in the front of the Theatre lobby; we will not be able to walk from the ED Bldg to the LA Bldg on the lower level

If you're parking in the side lot and need to get to any building other than the OCEWD Complex, the O&M complex or the ED Bldg, you will need to walk around to the front of campus (or take the ED Bldg.'s elevator).

Although it seems like a long time for these altered routes, the renovations in the Theatre will be worth it! The renovation project includes:

  • Major infrastructure repairs and upgrades for waterproofing, mechanical, and electrical systems
  • Improved ADA accessibility
  • Site improvements for drainage and storm water runoff
  • Refurbishment and modernization of the building’s interior and exterior to include
    • auditorium seating and lighting
    • sound system
    • main stage and dance studio
    • box office, concessions, lobby & restrooms
    • all windows and doorways
    • landscaping, and new entrance

The Theatre was originally constructed in 1974 and is more than 40 years old; with the exception of an asbestos abatement project, re-roofing
project, and other minor facility modifications, there have been no major renovations to the building since its original construction.