Teaching Squares Benefits

By participating in Teaching Squares you will have an opportunity to:

  • Observe, analyze, and celebrate good teaching,
  • Increase your understanding of and appreciation for the work of your colleagues, and
  • Enhance your own teaching based on the shared observations and reflections of your Square partners

Hear what participants have said about Teaching Squares:

"The program is awesome—so much to learn from such great colleagues!"

"I learned what other faculty on campus are doing in their classes to help students and I learned what we are on the same wavelength in terms of making our classes interactive and engaging students’ interests.  During our lunchtime sharing, we also realized that we have common concerns about students’ perceptions for college and their needs in college."

"Great opportunity to know our college better, to share experiences, and to meet such wonderful people. It was a pleasure to attend each other’s classes and get feedback."

It was exciting to see 'new' classes on an informal basis.  I also like that we each made 3 new friends—it’s all about connections."

"I enjoy this program more each time I participate!  My partners are so talented and are great people to work with.  I learned to appreciate my colleagues by visiting their classes since they generally are from different divisions.  Also since it focuses on only positive aspects – it motivates you to do your best and you know you’re being observed with that in mind.  This program really does build community across campus.  Keep this program going!"