Teaching Squares

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Teaching Squares enrich teaching and build community through a structured, non-threatening process of classroom observation and shared reflection.

“I love the positive, non-threatening evaluation of our colleagues’ classes. It’s a perfect way to get to know one another—sharing the common bond of teaching as a starting point.” –Quote from a past participant

Would you like to:

  • Re-energize your teaching?
  • Talk with colleagues about best practices for teaching?
  • Ignite your passion for teaching?
  • Reflect on your own teaching practices?
  • Observe other instructors in the classroom?
  • Create collaborative connections with other faculty members?

Participants typically spend six to eight hours per term in Teaching Squares activities, which include:

  • Initial meeting
  • Three classroom visits
  • Square share session
  • Wrap-up meeting for facilitators

A Teaching Square offers you the opportunity to enhance your own teaching by observing your colleagues in actual classroom situations

Everyone enters the classroom with an attitude of respect for both the teacher and the students, recognizing that different methods are required in different contexts. Participants are able to meet colleagues from across the campus.

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