Planning Reports

The University of Hawai'i Community College (UHCC) system requires instructional programs and most support areas to complete an Annual Report of Program Data (ARPD). Each program or area provides three years of data indicators, an analysis of those data indicators, specific action plans for the future, and needed resources to implement the action plans. The ARPDs provide a consistent method of collecting needed data, analyzing the data, and assessing program/unit performance.

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The Office of Planning, Policy, and Assessment provides support for grant development and management. Services include:

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Institutional Plan

Within the college, the planning process leads to the consolidation of planning lists from the various divisions, units, and areas. This combined, re-prioritized list has been called the Institutional Plan. An intermediate step in this consolidation would entail Instructional unit heads (division chairs and unit heads) meeting to discuss and prioritize items from each of their planning lists into a single instructional plan.

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Planning Process

The College has a well-established planning process which occurs on an annual basis and is illustrated in the Leeward CC Planning Process diagram.  This systematic process results in resource allocations which are driven by the mission and strategic plan, substantiated by data, and vetted by administration and the Campus Council.

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