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Legislative Updates

During the Legislative session, which begins in January of each year, pertinent information related to the higher education budget, and specifically as it applies to the University of Hawaii and Leeward Community College, will be posted on this website.

2018 Legislative Session

Attached are the operating budget and capital improvement program (CIP) funding priorities for the UH Community Colleges for the 2018 Legislative Session.

Operating Budget priorities for the College include;

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Financial Management Group (FMG)

The College's Financial Management Group (FMG) was established in 2016 in order to provide a formalized mechanism to share, discuss, and review information, processes, policies, and procedures related to the budget, financial management, and business-related functions of the institution.  The FMG meets on a quarterly basis and is convened by the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services and the College's Fiscal Administrator.

Resources for FMG members and others interested in learning more are attached and include;

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Planning and Budget Data

Various UH, UHCC, and Leeward Community College planning and budget data is available for your review and use.  Among the information accessible here includes...Long Range Development Plans, Strategic Plans, and Budget development- and execution-related information.

Long Range Development Plans

Copies of the College's Long Range Development Plans (LRDP) are available from the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services.  Among the LRDP's include...

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Capital Improvement Program (CIP) - Minor Projects

Minor CIP projects address smaller facility improvements or renovations (usually under $5.0 million) to classrooms, laboratories, and student gathering spaces and that incorporates design principles and concepts of flexible space, shared programming, and modernization.  Funding for Minor CIP projects is provided to the UH Community Colleges by the State Legislature via line-item appropriation.

The attached file represents the Minor CIP priorities for all UH Community Colleges for the next six (6) years (2017-2022).  Here are the Minor CIP priorities for Leeward CC:

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Capital Improvement Program (CIP) - Major Projects

Capital Improvement Program, or CIP, projects are classified as major new construction or renovation projects that typically exceed $5 million in planning, design, and construction costs and require Board of Regent (BOR) approval.  The University of Hawaii Office of Project Delivery (OPD) coordinates these projects for the 10-campus UH system.

For more details about OPD, please visit the OPD website:

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Budget Information

Information contained on the Budget web site contains links to a wealth of current and historical data on the College's short- and long-term planning processes and detailed information on the operating, capital improvement program (CIP), and capital renewal and deferred maintenance (formerly repair and maintenance) projects and budgets.  In addition, links are presented to a much broader range of information available at the UHCC, UH, and state levels.

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