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Employee Recognition Awards

Leeward Community College offers various award initiatives to recognize and celebrate the excellence of our faculty, lecturers and staff. Nominations are accepted from January 1 through February 28 for the current academic year. The deadline for all nominations is 4:30 pm on February 28. Details for each award are listed below.

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Teaching Excellence Program

The Teaching Excellence Program is a semester long program designed to encourage new faculty to think critically about their teaching and to apply effective strategies and practices to maximize student learning. In this program, you will participate in engaging, interactive teaching and learning sessions and learn, implement, and share successful strategies and tips.

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Planning Process

The College has a clearly defined planning process. This diagram represents its parts, their sequence, and timing. The process begins each year  with  the mission and strategic plan. The program review process incorporates course and program assessments as part of the analysis of program health. If additional resources are needed, a resource request is generated. All resource requests are prioritized through an annual process. The final operational expenditure plan is developed with the institutional priorities as a guide.

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ICTL LAMP (Learning and Mentoring Program)

The purpose of this program is to provide Administrative Support Group members (clerical staff) the opportunity to:
1) improve their job effectiveness with one-on-one assistance with mentors and
2) to job shadow to understand other job/office functions.

Mentor: Clerical staff member (with approval of supervisor) willing to mentor on specific topics or provide job shadow opportunities.

Learner:  Any clerical staff member at Leeward Community College.


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