How to Apply

Attending Leeward CC is a smart choice.

You'll have a variety of program options, you'll save money, and you'll have faculty and staff committed to helping you succeed! Applying is easy. No SATs, no essays! Just follow the instructions based on "who you are" in the list below. Be sure to check out the program options, the great campus activities and all the free support services we offer!

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Complete Withdrawal

Dropping All Your Classes

If you decide to drop all your Leeward CC classes, you must officially withdraw by the published deadline. You can drop all your Leeward CC classes using your MyUH account.

For Part of Term courses (modular or accelerated courses which have different start and end dates) that are completed, the appropriate grade as assigned by the instructor will be recorded on your permanent academic record. For critical deadlines for a Part of Term course, see the Part of Term table.

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