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The Hub, the student HelpDesk, provides free computer technical support to Leeward students. Coordinated by Leeward's Information and Computer Science program, The Hub is the first help desk staffed by students interns who are receiving college credits for a class.

Computer Science students solve problems, provide advice  and troubleshoot hardware, software, cloud and wifi concerns.

The Hub is located in DA 205A.
Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm, Mondays-Fridays

ICS MSDNAA Software Distribution FAQ

Details on "On The Hub" Software Distribution

Q: How do I obtain access to the e-academy system for  software?

A: To receive an account, your instructor must submit your email address to the ICS Program Coordinator. Ask your instructor what address he/she submitted. It may be your UH email address or one you provided. We enter the addresses that the instructor provides.

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