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October 1, 2017

With Global Climate Change Week approaching  (Oct. 9 - 13, 2017), Sustainability Committee is focusing on energy conservation here at Leeward CC. 

An important question of our time is: How can we reduce energy consumption (and simultaneously save money)?  The Sustainability Committee would love to have your ideas about how this can be done, particularly in our corner of the world (offices and/or classrooms).

One happy outcome of our Sustainability in Higher Education Summits in recent years has been the incorporation of sustainability into official UH policy: 

  • The Board of Regents has included sustainability-related goals in its statement on the Mission and Purpose of the University.
  • UH President David Lassner, in 2015, signed an Executive Policy, EP 4.202: System Sustainability, which specifies goals to be met within the UH System.  One goal is to "minimize greenhouse emissions and become carbon neutral by 2050." 

To reach these goals, we may need to consider changing some of our habits.  Is there anything we could do differently?

For the month of October 2017, the goal is for each building here at Leeward CC to reduce its energy consumption compared to its consumption during the month of September, 2017. 

How will we know if we conserved energy?    Johnson Controls, Inc.(JCI), the company which has been managing Leeward CC's energy issues for several years, has created a dashboard which makes it possible to monitor energy consumption in each building  (

So the question is:  How can we help UH to reach its energy goals?  Can we find ways to conserve energy in our sphere of activity at work, thus helping to implement the UH System-level policies on Sustainability?  Do you have any ideas?   If so, please share your ideas directly with me, and then  I'll compile the responses and also share them with Sustainability Committee.

Submitted by Eileen Cain

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