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Strategic Plan

The Leeward Community College Strategic Plan is aligned with the University of Hawai'i Community College (UHCC) System and the University of Hawai'i (UH) System Strategic Plans to establish a focus on critical issues affecting the colleges and the State and to set budget priorities.

This unified approach provides a framework for the integration of assessment, planning, and budgeting processes for the College. Stated performance measures with benchmarks and projected targets will provide evidence of the College's progress toward meeting its strategic outcomes.

In September 2015, the UHCC Strategic Directions 2015-2021 was shared with the campus. Leeward CC used this document as the starting point for creating the priorities for the next strategic planning cycle.

The UHCC Strategic Directions focuses on five directions including:

  • Hawaii Graduation Initiative
  • Hawaii Innovation Initiative
  • Modern Teaching and Learning Environments
  • High Performance Mission-Driven System
  • Enrollment

Leeward's Strategic Plan Update
During Fall 2015, the Strategic Plan Update Committee - Kathryn Fujioka-Imai, Helmut Kae, Wayde Oshiro, Blanca Polo, and Aulii Silva held “focused conversations” to start the process of updating our strategic plan. The conversations enabled the campus to align our planning with the system's Strategic Directions and to generate broad campus input from a diverse group of Leeward faculty and staff on key topics that currently affect Leeward’s students and their ability to complete courses, programs and/or transfer successfully. To ensure campus-wide diverse representation, every division and unit participated.

At the Spring 2016 convocation, small break out sessions provided opportunities for faculty and staff to suggest strategies for meeting each of the five goals. Additional dialogue and feedback enabled the committee to identify top strategies. The strategies that received the most support for each of the goals were incorporated into a formal document that will be presented at fall 2016 convocation, and then integrated into our planning process.

Current Planning Documents:


Strategic Outcomes and Performance Measures, 2008-2015
Updates and Data: