Smoking Policy and DSAs

The College has adopted a new Smoking Policy:

1) that smoking will be limited to Designated Smoking Areas,

2) that the use of e-cigarettes will be subject to the same smoking restrictions as tobacco products.

Designated Smoking Areas:

Upper Level: in front of Theatre and east corner of LA Bldg.

Bench fronting the Leeward CC Theatre


At the 'ewa end of the sidewalk in front of MS Bldg, at the bottom of the stairs heading to the OCEWD portables.

Bench at the west end of the MS building


On the west end of Tuthill Courtyard.

Stairs between the Campus Center building and the Tuthill Courtyard


On the east end of Tuthill Courtyard (that's the AM Bldg in the background). If you look very closely, you'll see this DSA has a Diamond Head view...

Bench near the corner of the FA building


Behind the Theatre, on the east side of the FA Bldg.

Picnic table on the east end of the FA building


In the courtyard of the East Portables, near Bldg D

Tables in the courtyard of the East Portable buildings


At the mauka entrance to the Automotive Complex.

Mauka entrance near the ET building, face the rear of the DA building