Campus Safety and Crime Prevention

Campus Security
455-0611, LA 238

Crime Prevention Programs
The Leeward CC crime prevention program is based upon the dual concept of eliminating or minimizing opportunities for crime while encouraging students and employees to assume responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others by taking common sense precautions. The following is a listing of Leeward CC crime prevention programs.

Escort Service: Campus security provides walking escort service for anyone requesting an escort when walking on campus at night. An escort can be summoned to your location by calling Security at Ext. 611. The escort will walk you to any facility or vehicle parked on campus.

Emergency Call Boxes: There a blue call box located on the outside wall of the Security Office at LA 238. This emergency call box is activated by picking up the hand set. Additional Emergency Call boxes are located throughout campus .Emergency call boxes (ECB), connect the caller directly with Campus Security 24 hours a day. These boxes can be easily identified by their blue light. The ECB are automatically activated by picking up the handset. Campus Security can immediately identify the location of the caller even if the caller is unable to verbally communicate with the dispatcher. See Campus Map for locations.

Facilities and Grounds Surveys: All potential safety and security hazards observed by our officers on patrol are promptly reported to the appropriate unit for corrective action. The Security Supervisor also participates in the review of the safety issues and concerns of the College.


Safety Precautions

Through the Security brochure, the Leeward CC website, and special workshops that will be offered from time to time, students and employees will be reminded to exercise caution and to actively practice crime prevention. Workshops for students and employees on how to avoid rape and other crimes both on and off campus will be announced in the campus bulletin, the College website, and by email notification.

Criminals often act when opportunities to commit crimes present themselves. By taking precautions, such opportunities may be minimized.

A successful campus safety program needs the cooperation, involvement and support of students and faculty. Exercise these simple, common sense precautions.

  1. Travel/park in lighted areas; travel in pairs if possible; use the escort service.
  2. Report any suspicious persons or activities; report all incidents no matter how minor, report losses immediately.
  3. Be sure to lock/secure windows and doors in your office or room; lock your vans, cars, trucks and bikes; store valuables in the trunk of your car.
  4. Never loan keys to anyone. They may be lost, stolen or duplicated.
  5. Mark or engrave your belongings; don’t leave belongings/valuables unattended.
  6. Register your bike/moped.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the locations of phone, blue call box, and the Security Office.
  8. Keep alert, be aware of your surroundings. Walk briskly.
  9. Have keys ready when approaching your car, so you will be able to get into your car quickly.

REMEMBER: The person who is most responsible for your security is YOU. Always keep safety in mind.


Details on specific areas:


Campus Security: 455-0611
(on campus): 611

Honolulu Police Department: 911