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Security Policies

The purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is regulated by state law. Under state law, no one under the age of twenty-one may purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages on campus.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden in all public and common areas. Leeward CC requires a special permit for consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus which is issued by the Chancellor.

Students and employees found to be in violation may be subject to the provisions of state law, Leeward CC Policy, and the Student Conduct Code (PDF).

As prohibited by state and federal law, Leeward CC students and employees are not permitted to be under the influence of, possess, manufacture, distribute, or sell illicit drugs at Leeward sponsored or approved events, on Leeward CC property or in buildings used by the College for its educational or recreational programs.

Students and employees found to be in violation are subject to arrest. Conviction may result in probation, fines and imprisonment. Students are also subject to disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code (PDF).

The possession or use of lethal weapons on Leeward CC premises is strictly prohibited. Lethal weapons include but are not limited to firearms, ammunition, spear guns, explosives and dangerous substances. Any person found in violation subject to the provisions or State law, Leeward CC Policy and the Student Conduct Code (PDF).

As with any criminal offense that occurs on campus, any sexual assault should be reported to either the Sex Abuse Treatment Center Hotline: 524-7273, Campus Security: 611, or the Honolulu Police Department: 911 regardless of whether or not the student or staff member plans to press charges. A victim’s physical and emotional well-being is of paramount concern. However, it is important to consider preserving physical evidence to assist in apprehending and prosecuting any attacker. At the student’s request the Dean of Student Services will assist in notifying HPD of any offenses.

Any member of the University of Hawaii community who commits a sexual offense is subject to criminal prosecution and University disciplinary procedures. Under University disciplinary procedures, a variety of sanctions may be imposed including dismissal or loss of employment. By law, all University disciplinary procedures provide due-process protection for the accuser and the accused. At the conclusion of the mandated hearings related to sexual offense, both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the decision and sanction.

Assistance is available in the Student Services Office for students who would like to change their academic and/or living situations following an alleged sexual assault incident, as well as for those who need counseling.

While forcible rape has long been recognized as a sex offense, students should be aware that acquaintance (date) rape is also a crime. Prevention is the best remedy. The College presents regular workshops on how to prevent rape. Please check bulletin boards or call the Counseling Office for dates and location.These and other services for victims of sexual assault are listed under the “Assistance Programs” at the bottom of this webpage.

Any member of the University community who commits a crime on campus will be subject to criminal prosecution and University disciplinary procedures. Under University disciplinary procedures, a variety of sanctions may be imposed including dismissal or loss of employment. Off-campus behavior which indicates that the student represents a danger to the health and safety of other members of the Leeward CC community may also be subject to the University’s disciplinary procedures. (The University’s disciplinary procedures are described more fully in the Student Conduct Code. Copies are available upon request at the Student Services Office.)


Campus Security: 455-0611
(on campus): 611
Honolulu Police Department: 911


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