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What You'll Save

What You’ll Save
by starting your four year degree at Leeward:
Starting your four-year degree at Leeward is a smart choice! What could you do with an extra $30,000+?

Cost Comparisons
Leeward Community College Brookhaven Community College
(Mainland Peer School)
University of Hawaii at Manoa
(Local Public University)
Chaminade University of Honolulu
(Local Private University)
Oregon State University
(Mainland Public University)
University of Southern California
(Mainland Private University)
Living w/ family Non-Resident,
Living w/ family
Living w/ family
Average cost of On & Off Campus
Resident/Non-Resident rates are the same
Tuition/Fees 3,401 5,220 11,970 26,134 31,215 56,225
Books/Supplies 1,040 2,000 1040 1,600 1,200 1,200
Room/Board 4,884 10,152 4,884 2,236 12,306 15,395
Personal Cost 2,806 1,962 2,806 1,436 2,142 1,452
Transportation 450 972 * 997 552 553
Total: $12,581 $20,306 $20,700 $32,403 $47,415 $75,275

 Amounts listed above are for a full-time student for a full academic year.
Costs provided are based on a search of the institutions as of May 2019 and may have changed since that time.

*Expense is included with another category.