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SAC Outcomes

Certificate of Completion Substance Abuse Counseling Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program graduates will be able to:

  • recognize the medical, societal, psychological, and family affects of abuse and addiction with regard to alcohol and other drugs
  • identify Hawai‘i’s prevention/intervention and treatment system, its strengths and limitations
  • develop an awareness of issues and other personal values/biases that might impact one’s effectiveness as a substance abuse counselor
  • demonstrate knowledge and application of the Twelve Core Functions engaged by the alcohol and drug abuse counselor, and know how these functions apply to the continuum of care
  • demonstrate an ability to do an effective biopsychosocial assessment and display a basic knowledge of counseling approaches used with individuals and groups
  • identify the ethical and legal issues that confront the counseling professional, and abide by them when in the field
  • distinguish the stages of the treatment process, including aftercare, relapse prevention, and the issues relevant to their clients involved in each stage of intervention
  • display attending, active listening, and other counseling skills in their work with individuals and groups

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