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SAC Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion 18 credits
In order to enroll in human service (HSER) courses, you either must test above the ENG 22 Compass placement exam cutoff score, or previously have completed ENG 22 or ENG 100.

The 18 credits do not include the prerequisite course HSER 100, Self Exploration. You may concurrently enroll in HSER 140 or, HSER 245 if you meet the English requirement mentioned above. You’ll need to request a prerequisite waiver from the instructor teaching the HSER 140 and/or 245 sections, prior to being able to register concurrently for both courses.

This is a two-year, part-time program of study. You will need to complete the prerequisite course, HSER 100 and the four counseling courses (HSER 140, 268, 245, 270) prior to enrollment in the second year, fall HSER 294 Practicum, and spring HSER 295 Practicum courses.

The HSER courses are offered in the semester noted below. HSER 100 Self Exploration is offered at various times and days each semester.


Updated for 2013-2014


First Semester (Fall) Requirements


Course Alpha

Course Title



HSER 140

Individual Counseling



HSER 268

Survey of Substance Abuse Problems



Second Semester (Spring) Requirements


HSER 245

Group Counseling



HSER 270

Substance Abuse Counseling



Third Semester (Fall) Requirements

HSER 294



Fourth Semester (Spring) Requirements

HSER 295




Total Credits



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