Registration Prerequisites


A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully taken or set of skills required before enrolling in another course. Before registering, students should verify that they have met any prerequisites listed in the schedule of courses for the classes in which they wish to enroll. Students who believe that they meet the prerequisite through other learning or experience, please see a counselor, division chair, or appropriate Dean for clearance prior to registration.

Transfer Student Prerequisite Clearance
If you have completed the equivalent of an Leeward CC prerequisite at another college or campus: 

  • For transcript evaluation, send an official transcript to the Admissions and Records Office and complete the Leeward CC Transcript Evaluation Request Form. If you took the Math or English placement tests at another community college in the UH System, send an official copy of your test scores to the Leeward Counseling Office. (Math and English scores are valid only for 2 years.)
  • At least two days before reporting to registration, report to the Counseling Office (AD 208) for your prerequisite clearance form.

If you did not complete the procedure above but completed equivalent prerequisites at another college(s), take a student copy of your transcript or grade report to one of the following offices:

  • For English: Language Arts Division Office, LA201; M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm; 455-0330
  • For Math: Math/Science Division Office, BS 106A; M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm; 455-0252
  • At Leeward CC-Wai‘anae: Phone: 454-4702

Waiver of Prerequisite

If you do not meet a prerequisite, but believe that you do meet the prerequisite through other learning or experience, please see the appropriate instructor, program coordinator, Division Chair, or appropriate academic Dean.