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Registration Grading Options

Grading Options
Credit/No Credit Options and Auditing Classes

For some courses, students may elect to audit the class or receive a grade of Credit or No Credit, rather than a letter grade. Consult with a counselor for assistance before selecting one of those options. If you want to change the grading option, visit the Credit/No Credit Options, Auditing Courses tutorial.

Auditing Courses

Students are permitted to audit classes with the written approval of the instructor. The student will process appropriate forms with the Leeward CC Admissions and Records Office during the Late Registration period only.

Although no credits are earned for courses audited, regular tuition and fees must be paid by auditors. The instructor will determine the extent of classroom participation required of auditors. Auditors are not usually allowed in laboratory science, mathematics, elementary and intermediate foreign languages, English composition, speech, vocational/technical classes in which the auditor might take the place of credit students.

Auditors must abide by the UH Student Conduct Code.



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