Registering for Classes

We are beginning to use STAR, a Guided Pathway to Graduation, for all course registration. Selected majors used the system for Fall 2016. In November, all students will be using STAR to register for Spring 2017.

Until that time, registration for the majority of our students is still being done online via MyUH. Log on and select "Registration" on the menu.

Workshops and online resources will be available during Fall semester to help you use all the options and features of STAR. Stay tuned!

Need help?
• Online Registration Tutorials.
• Send an email to a counselor.

You must have your TB and MMR health clearances prior to registering for classes.


Fall 2016 Registration Information

(fall semester: August 22 - December 16)

  • April 11 - First Day of Fall Registration
  • April 11-15 - Early Registration begins for Continuing Students enrolled in Spring 2016 at any UH Campus. Register on MyUH Portal
  • April 19 -New, returning, and transfer students will receive information about registering in the New Student Orientation (NSO) email after you receive your acceptance email.
  • July 22, 4:00 PM HST - deadline for payment or enrollment into the Payment Plan.

Adding Classes
To officially add a class, you need to access your MyUH account. If the class is closed, the instructor’s approval is required in order to enroll.

Give your instructor your UH ID. Once faculty approval is secured, you must still register for the course either via MyUH account or in-person at the Admissions and Records Office, AD 220 (for a $5 fee). All deadlines related to adding are on the Academic Calendar or the Part of Term table for modular/accelerated courses. If you need help, visit the How to add courses tutorial.

Dropping Classes
To officially drop a class, you need to access your MyUH account to process the withdrawal by the posted deadline. All deadlines related to dropping semester long courses are on the Academic Calendar; for Part of Term (accelerated or modular courses), refer to the Part of Term Table.

If you need help, visit the Dropping a course tutorial.

As soon as you know you will not be attending a class, you should officially drop it so that you won't receive a failing grade. A grade of “F” may be issued to students for courses they are no longer attending but have not officially dropped. A grade of “W” will be issued to students for courses they officially drop by the deadline. You are responsible for paying for your tuition and fees for the courses you are enrolled in regardless if you are attending or not. Details on dropping all your classes.

For Part of Term (modular or accelerated) courses, which have different start and end dates, that are completed, the appropriate grade as assigned by the instructor will be recorded on your permanent academic record. Critical deadlines for these course are in the Part of Term table.

Cancelled Classes
For information on cancelled classes, please check the class status lists posted and updated daily on the web site. Notices will also be posted at the scheduled meeting place for each class that has been cancelled.

Closed Classes
Closed classes are those that are already filled to capacity. Check the website for daily updates. In order to enroll in a closed class, a student must first get the approval of the faculty member then must register for the class using their MyUH account.

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The late registration period for semester-long courses each semester begins on Monday and ends on Friday at 11:59 P.M. of the first week of instruction. For courses that meet on Saturday and Sunday, late registration is accepted on the following Monday at the Admissions and Records Office. Access to MyUH for registration purposes is disabled early Saturday morning by Banner Central.

To accommodate student and instructor requests for exceptions to the official late registration period, the College has adopted the following late registration procedure:

  1. the official i.e. Banner late registration period is maintained at 1 week
  2. an unofficial i.e. Leeward late registration “window” is created and lasts until the end of the third week of the semester.*Students are required to get the instructor's approval via the Late Registration Card-available from A&R beginning the second week of instruction. *Instructors must sign and date the Card and input Capacity override approval for a closed class via their MyUH account if necessary-not through Laulima. Registration into the course is done at the Admissions and Records Office windows by the student no later than 3:00 P.M on Friday of the third week of instruction . In addition to any tuition and fees, A&R will charge the $5 change of registration fee;
  3. beginning with the fourth week of the semester, NO appeals will be accepted-with or without instructor approval.

Instructors can assist students avoid registration problems by checking their MyUH Portal class rosters often-especially during the first three weeks of the semester when dropping and adding classes is occurring. Reminder: Laulima is the University of Hawaii’s online Collaboration and Learning Environment for use in online and web‐enhanced (hybrid) classes. Laulima provides instructors and students with accessibility to course content and communication tools for interaction between the instructor and students within the course Adding or dropping a student in Laulima does not affect the official student record. The student is required to add or drop a course through their MyUH account

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Registration into a course obligates you financially and academically even if you do not attend any classes or make payment by applicable deadlines. If payment in full is not received or you have not enrolled in the payment plan by the published deadline, the University of Hawai’i reserves the right to cancel your registration and place a financial hold on your student account which may deny you any further services such as future registration, transcripts, verification of student status request, etc.

All registered students will be liable for all applicable tuition and other related fees whether or not they attend those classes. Students are advised to officially withdraw from the classes they do not plan to attend. Failure to withdraw may result in a financial obligation and a failing grade. The college has the right to disenroll students for non-payment.