Process Technology

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Get the specialized training you need today in our accelerated certificate program. Hawaii’s petroleum refining and power generation industries need trained technicians in Process Technology.

What is Process Technology?
Process technology is the heart of all industries that involve the production of consumer goods from raw material: from soft drink bottlers to petroleum refineries to the production of electricity.Process technology is essential in the production of gasoline, airplane fuel, gas, plastic soft drink bottles, glass jars and bottles, pharmaceuticals, and even Jelly Bellies. In Hawaii, Tesoro and Chevron process oil to produce gasoline; and HECO and AES Hawaii, process oil and coal respectively, to produce electricity.

What do Process Technicians do?
Process Technicians are key members of a team responsible for planning, analyzing, and controlling the production of products from raw materials through distribution. They control, monitor and troubleshoot equipment that process raw material into products such as gasoline, electricity and plastics. They analyze, evaluate and communicate about data.

What are the work conditions of a Process Technician?
PT work in an industrial, team-based environment. PT do shift work to staff 24/7, 365 days/year operations. The work requires a high level of commitment in a “high stakes industry.”

What are the benefits of working as a Process Technician?
The starting salary is $50,000 and earnings can be as high as $60,000 to $70,000 with overtime. Medical and retirement benefits are excellent in this long-term career.

What courses are required for the program?
For details, visit the Office of Continuing Education & Workforce Development website, or call (808) 455-0479.