Payment Plan Sign Up

How to Sign Up for Payment Plan

To sign up for the Payment Plan:

1. Sign in to MyUH Services

2. Click on or search for "Enroll in Payment Plan."

3. Click "Enroll Now."

Can anyone sign up for the payment plan?
You may sign up for the payment plan as long as there is at least a $300 balance due on your student account. This payment plan is not available to inactive students who owe money for previous semesters and have been referred to the collection agency.

My parents pay my tuition.  Can they sign up for a payment plan?
Yes, if you authorize your parent or some other third party or guardian as an Authorized User on your account, they may sign up for a payment plan.  A student's account may only have one payment plan per semester so if your parent or other Authorized User signs up for a payment plan then you will not be able to do so.

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