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Payment Plan

Fall 2022 Plans:

Continuing students may sign up for the FALL 2022 installment payment plan beginning April 4, 2022.

Students must have a minimum balance of $300.00 and there is a non-refundable payment plan fee of $30.00.
Note: Prior to enrollment, previous balance must be below $200.00.

Payment Installment Plans
Payment Plan Type Enrollment Dates Required Down Payment Remaining Payments Monthly Installment Due Dates
5 Month Plan

April 4, 2022 - July 1, 2022
(7:00 p.m. HST)

20% July 2


August 1
September 1
October 1
April 1

4 Month Plan

July 2, 2022 - July 31, 2022
(7:00 p.m. HST)

25% August 1

September 1
October 1
November 1

3 Month Plan

August 1, 2022 - August 31, 2022
(7:00 p.m. HST)

33.33% September 1

October 1
November 1

2 Month Plan

September 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022
(7:00 p.m. HST)

50% October 1
1 November 1

PAYMENTS WILL BE TAKEN OUT AUTOMATICALLY on the due dates from the same account used to sign up.
You are allowed to update/edit your account information if necessary.

Signing Up for A Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for the Fall and Spring terms only, and are available for enrollment during specific time periods.  There are two ways to access the Payment Plan page:

1. STAR GPS - In STAR GPS Registration, click on the "Make Payment" button. Once you are logged into the payment system, click on the "Payment Plans" tab. 

2. MyUH - Search for and then select the "Enroll in Payment Plan" task. After logging in, you will be brought directly to the "Payment Plans" tab

View UH FAQs for Student eCommerce Services for additional information.


Continuing students who cannot pay in full by the established payment receipt deadline have the option to enroll in the installment payment plan to prevent disenrollment of their classes. If you have been awarded financial aid for the current term (login to MyUH Services to see if you have an award), you do not need to sign up for the payment plan by established payment receipt deadline. If you have met the terms of your awarded financial aid, your aid will automatically be applied as payment toward eligible charges. If a balance remains on your account after the Financial Aid disbursement date, you may still sign up for the payment plan.

  • Students must be registered for the current semester to sign up for a payment plan. Students will not be able to sign up for a payment plan if there is a past due balance on their student account from a previous term, or if there is a financial obligation hold on their account.  Past due balances must be paid and financial obligations holds must be cleared prior to enrolling in a payment plan.
  • Enrollment in the payment plan will not result in the removal of any financial obligation hold.
  • Only students with a minimum unpaid balance of $300.00 may enroll in a payment plan.
  • Once a student has enrolled in a payment plan, student is expected to pay all financial charges incurred and the student will not be dis-enrolled from classes.
  • Installment payments are automatically scheduled when you sign up for a payment plan and will be deducted from your designated account on the scheduled payment dates. Be sure to have sufficient funds available in your bank account or on your card.
  • eCheck or eSavings payments to the University of Hawaii and returned from the maker's bank for any reason (e.g. insufficient funds, closed bank account, incorrect bank information) will result in a $25.00 returned payment charge. DO NOT issue a STOP PAYMENT. A stop payment is a returned payment, it is not acknowledged as an official drop from courses or withdrawal from the University. Students should drop all classes before established deadline to avoid incurring financial charges.
  • Students who fail to make full payment for any reason (e.g. insufficient funds, closed credit card, closed bank account) by the end of all scheduled payments will: 1) be dis-enrolled from the payment plan; 2) have a financial hold placed on their student account, and 3) be notified that full payment must be received within 15 days or sanctions will be imposed. If full payment is not received, the student's account may be referred to a collection agency and other sanctions as defined in University of Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 20-10 will be imposed.
  • All financial aid and scholarships received by the University shall be applied in full to a student's account balance at the time of receipt and the student's remaining payments in the plan will be reduced.
  • Payment plans are not available to students whose account has been referred to the collection agency for unpaid balances from prior semesters.


$30 non-refundable fee per student per semester per plan to participate.

The University reserves the right to change or delete, supplement or otherwise amend at any time and without prior notice the information, requirements and policies contained in this document.

University of Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 20-10 (pdf)