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Payment Deadlines

Payment Receipt Deadlines

Disenrollment from Fall 2022 Classes

If you have registered or plan to register for Fall 2022 semester, please be informed that you must pay any outstanding prior term balances greater than $200.00 by August 4, 2022 or you will be dis-enrolled from your Fall 2022 classes.

NOTE: If you registered for Fall semester but do not plan to attend, please log into STAR and drop your classes to ensure that you are not charged. Check each institution's website for specific Payment Deadlines and Policies.

Fall 2022

The payment deadline for tuition and fees is determined by the date you register for classes.

The payment due date at all UH campuses for Fall 2022 is Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 4:00 pm (HST).

  • Receipt of full payment (for all credits registered for) or enrollment in the payment plan on or before this date is required.
  • Financial Aid award or scholarship recipients should contact their campus Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Additional information on payments.

CANCELLATION EXPLANATION: All registered students will be liable for all applicable tuition and other related fees whether or not they attend those classes. You are advised to officially withdraw from the classes you do not plan to attend. Failure to withdraw may result in a financial obligation and a failing grade. The college has the right to disenroll students for non-payment.

Payment Details

To drop all Leeward CC courses, see Complete Withdrawal. To partially drop Leeward CC courses, see Dropping Classes section. Registration will not be automatically cancelled for nonpayment. If payment is not received or you have not signed up for the payment plan, the University of Hawai'i may place a financial hold on your student account until this obligation is paid in full. Additionally, the University may deny you further registration and/or cancellation of registration, transcripts, diplomas and other University services.

Visit the UH System Academic Calendars to view payment and refund dates for each campus.

Check with the campus offering the course for refund and withdrawal procedures.

*Payments will be applied to oldest charges first, if applicable.

Students who register at more than one UH campus should pay particular attention to payment deadlines as they may vary from campus to campus. Deadline information is available at each campus website or contact the Admissions and Records Office at the campus offering the course.

Dates are subject to change without prior notice.

** lf you decide not to take a course, you must manually drop it online before the appropriate deadline. Once you register for a class, you are financially responsible for all tuition and related fees whether or not you attend the class.

Students who register at more than one campus should pay particular attention to deadlines as they may vary from campus to campus.