Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all Leeward CC grant proposals and contracts need to be processed through ORS and with myGrant?

A: Yes. All extramurally funded grant proposals need to be reviewed and processed through the Office of Research Services (ORS). ORS uses myGrant to manage all proposals and awards. Some proposals do not go through myGrant, such as system funded grants (i.e. Perkins grants, mini grants, and other system-wide grants. However, all grant submissions should be received and acknowledged by the grant coordinator at 455-0572, and given to ORA for review and approval at least 5 business days before the grant submission deadline.

Q: I have a contract with an outside agency to provide services or training. How does it get processed for approval?

A: All Leeward CC contracts must be uploaded to myGrant for review and approval. The grants coordinator can help you accomplish this and will save you valuable time in processing the approvals.

Q: How do I access the myGrant system?

A: Go to the following site:
Click on myGrant and enter your UH username and password.

Q: I have never used the myGrant system. Is there help or training available?

A: Yes. The grants coordinator is always available to assist you with inputting contracts and grants into myGrant. There are also scheduled classes and online training available at the following site:

Q: I just received a grant or contract award letter, when can I start spending?

A: If you used the myGrant system to submit the proposal, your account is already being set up by ORS (Office of Research Services). You will be notified of your account number by the business office when funds are received.

Q: I did not use what?

A: Contact Adam Halemano, Institutional Assessment Specialist at 455-0572,

Q: Who is authorized to sign grants and contracts on behalf of Leeward CC?

A: All grants and contracts must be signed by ORS authorized signors. If you have further questions email or contact: Adam Halemano, at ext 572.