Annual Reports - ARPD

The University of Hawai‘i Community College (UHCC) system requires instructional programs and most support areas to complete an Annual Report of Program Data (ARPD). Each program or area provides three years of data indicators, an analysis of those data indicators, specific action plans for the future, and needed resources to implement the action plans. The ARPDs provide a consistent method of collecting needed data, analyzing the data, and assessing program/unit performance. Leeward has decided to expand the use of ARPDs to all programs, areas and units, even if they are not required by the UHCC system to do an ARPD.

The data and the analyses done by the program heads and faculty are used by the Office of the Vice-President of Community Colleges to inform the Board of Regents and funding agencies.

ARPD are available online (links to UHCC website)

Leeward Documents, 2016