Nominate Outstanding Faculty, Lecturers and Staff

Tap into your online thesaurus and start selecting the perfect adjectives and adverbs to nominate outstanding faculty, lecturers and staff for a variety of campus and system awards. The deadline for System Awards is March 21; for campus awards, March 28. All deadlines, criteria, and nomination forms…


BOR Excellence in Teaching Award, March 21
The Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching is awarded by the Board of Regents as tribute to faculty members who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness and creativity and personal values that benefit students.

Masaki and Momoe Kunimoto Memorial Award, March 21
The Masaki and Momoe Kunimoto Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to Vocational Education rewards outstanding achievement and significant contribution to vocational and technical education by a community college faculty member or student. This year is open to faculty nominations/

Frances Davis Award for Undergraduate Teaching, March 21
The Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recognizes dedication and demonstrated excellence as teachers of undergraduate students.

Campus Awards (Description in application form)
Outstanding Lecturer Award, March 28
Outstanding Service Award, March 28

2014 Excellence in Teaching Nomination (pdf)
Frances Davis Award 2014 (pdf)
Kunimoto Nomination 2014 (pdf)
Kunimoto Award Criteria (pdf)
Kunimoto Award Schedule (pdf)
2014 Outstanding Lecturer Nomination (pdf)
2014 Outstanding Service Nomination (pdf)
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