Leeward's New Mission Statement

NEWS RELEASE May 19, 2012

The UH Board of Regents approved a new Mission Statement for our college at its May 18, 2012 meeting.

In March 2011, Chancellor Cabral charged the Faculty Senate, Campus Council, and Student Government to review our current mission statement.  A representative committee from these groups was charged with conducting the review, and, if deemed necessary, to draft and recommend a revised Mission Statement to the Faculty Senate, Student Government and the Campus Council.

The ad hoc committee was created in fall 2011 and met biweekly throughout the fall.  After reviewing mission statements from our sister campuses as well as other community colleges in the United States, the committee wrote several drafts of the revised mission. Each revised draft was presented for feedback to Faculty Senate, Campus Council, and Student Government in November and December 2011.  The final draft was presented to the entire faculty at an open forum and via the intranet in February 2012 for final feedback. 

 The final revision has been voted on and approved by all of the campus' governing bodies:

  • Faculty Senate voted to approve Wednesday, February 22, 2012
  • Student Government voted to approve Thursday, February 23, 2012
  • Na 'Ewa Council voted to approve Friday, February 24, 2012
  • Campus Council voted to approve Monday, March 5, 2012

A round of applause for the Mission Review Committee for all their work: Laurie Lawrence, Momi Kamahele, James West, Tracey Imper, Christian Ganne, Therese Nakadomari and chair Susan Lum.

Leeward Community College Mission Statement
Vision: Leeward Community College is a learning-centered institution committed to student achievement.

Mission: At Leeward Community College, we work together to nurture and inspire all students. We help them attain their goals through high-quality liberal arts and career and technical education. We foster students to become responsible global citizens locally, nationally, and internationally. We advance the educational goals of all students with a special commitment to Native Hawaiians.

These core values shape Leeward Community College’s mission:

We value cooperation, collaboration, social responsibility, and concern for others as crucial elements in building a sense of community inside and outside of the institution.

Diversity and respect
We value individual differences and the contributions they bring to the learning process. We believe that our students are enriched through a diverse intellectual and social environment, where learning occurs through exposure to world cultures, and through interaction with peoples of diverse experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.

We value personal and institutional integrity by fostering a culture of continuous improvement to open pathways to student success. We hold ourselves accountable for providing a high-quality academic experience.

Open access
We value all students. We seek to meet their needs, as well as those of the community, by offering a diversity of courses, degree and certificate programs, and training opportunities, through traditional and distance education modes of delivery.

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