Ready, Set, Grow Hawaii Open House

Leeward & Windward Community Colleges are now accepting applications for Ready Set Grow (RSG), a free 8-week College Preparedness program providing Math & Reading instruction combined with college & career guidance. Ready Set Grow is taught in a supportive model that includes tutoring, advising, and a host of on-line instructional support.

Learn more about this program by attending our open house at Leeward Community College’s Student Lounge on Thursday, August 11 at 6:30 pm. Please call 235-7381 to reserve your seat.

RSG is designed to help any community member seeking extra assistance to enter and succeed in the community college system and /or achieve a livable wage in Hawaii. Qualifying applicants need to have math and reading skills between 6th- 9th grade levels and be available to attend 15 hrs. of instruction per week for 8 weeks.

Leeward CC will be offering classes at the Waianae & Pearl City campus starting Monday, August 29. A free math and reading assessment will be provided to determine eligibility. Seating is limited so apply now by calling the RSG main office at 235-7381. For more information and application call 235-7381.

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