New HAP Course Offered

map of the pacific region of the world


PACS 108, Pacific Worlds, is a new course being offered starting in Fall 2011. The 3 credit course introduces students to the geography, societies, histories, cultures, contemporary issues, and arts of the Pacific region, also known as Oceania, including Hawai‘i. Combines lecture and discussion that emphasize Pacific Islander perspectives and experiences, sing Western and Indigenous world-views and epistemologies.

The course is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9am-10:15am in DA 104. PACS 108 is an approved HAP course, which means it fulfills the HAP graduation requirement. It also fulfills the DS (Diversification Social Science) requirement and counts towards a BA in Pacific Island Studies in the UH system.

For more information, contact Tracie Kuuipo Losch,

Download the flier.