Inaugural Wellness Event

“Tai Chi for Wellness!” is presented on Wednesday, April 27 from 3 pm—4 pm in GT 105. Join Acupuncturist Shereen Kanehisa (LAc, MSTCM, LMT) to learn practices to manage stress and tips that are easy to apply in your day‐to‐day work life. Shereen has 20 years of massage, Reiki, meditation and tai chi chuan experience. She will draw on these resources to recommend self‐care activities.

Student Services Wellness committee:

Winona Aguero
Aileen Lum-Akana
Tiana Cho
Angela Coloretti
Sandy Hoshino
Dr. Sharon Hui
Laurie Libarios

Interested in joining the group? Please let Sandy Hoshino know and we can easily add you to the list.

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