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Last Week for Annual Hawaii Foodbank Food Drive

This yearʻs drive for the Hawaii Foodbank ends this Friday, April 29. We do not have much time so letʻs get to losing.

Rules in Biggest Loser Format (Let’s give away those lbs.!!! Lose that weight!!!)

1. Each team starts with a robust 40lbs/FTE (The winning rate in years past).
2. For every lb. /FTE you donate, your team will lose weight for 40lbs/FTE.
3. The team with the skinniest “figure” will win!

Food will be weighed and money will be counted as lbs. The rate will be $1=1lb, and 1lb.=1lb., as in one dollar donated will equal one pound off of your team weight. Weight will be calculated per FTE. Actual total weight will be divided by the # of FTE in your unit.

We are pleased to announce prizes of:

  • $100 COSTCO to the division or unit that is the largest donor overall/unit FTE.
  • $50 COSTCO to the division or unit who provides the most money/unit FTE.
  • Complimentary lunch for 2 at the Pearl for the single largest individual donor (lunch contingent on availability-not eligible for buffet week).

For support please see your unit representative. Your unit represenative will be responsible for:

· Collecting the food donations in a designated area of your unit.
· Collecting and logging cash and check donations given by your unit. (unit secretary)
· Providing tax deductible receipts for interested parties on both food and monetary donations. (unit secretary)
· Transporting food to the administration foyer for weigh-in and counting.
· Collecting receipts from online donations. (unit secretary)
· Nominating the top donor per division for individual prize.

The division/unit secretary will be responsible for cash and check donations, as well as receipts.

Online donations can be made quick and easy.


1. On homepage, click on “donate now”.
2. Click on “Make a one-time monetary donation”.
3. Complete each information field.
4. Under “Payment information,” please enter UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII-LEEWARD CC.
5. In the verification window, please select “State of Hawaii from pull down menu.

Last Year’s Leeward CC campus total: 6099 ($+lbs.)
Last Year’s winning lbs.+$/FTE: 46 ($+lbs.)
Last year’s campus wide average/FTE: 18 ($+lbs.)
2011 Biggest Loser: TBD

Desired items: canned meat, meals, soup, vegetables, and fruits.

We are looking forward to finding out who the biggest loser group on campus!!! Get negative folks!!!

Michael Cawdery and Eunice Brekke, Co-chairs of 2011 Food Drive


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