International Festival 2011

Two film screenings with discussions to follow, LRC's Conversation Celebration II, and a slate of activities at Leeward CC-Waianae are featured in the International Festival 2011.

Conversation Celebration
April 12 • 10am-1pm • Learning Resource Center
A special event for anyone -- students, faculty, and staff -- who wants to practice the fine art of conversation -- in English, Hawaiian, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, or Tagalog! Enjoy ice breakers, language games, and refreshments.  Have a conversation in a language you know well.  Practice a language you are studying.  Learn to say something in a new language!

Films: Thursday, April 14 in the Theatre

9am: Eddie & Myrna Kamae's The Ones Who Came Before: The Musical Journey of Eddie Kamae
11am: Elijah Ary's Memories from a Previous Life

image of Eddie KamaeEddie Kamae was in his sixties when he began to make documentaries. A professional musician, he dove into filmmaking after being inspired by a 90-year-old traditional Hawaiian songwriter. In his film work, Kamae tells the stories of Hawaii and its people before the state's rapid transition from an isolated agrarian community to a Western-influenced modern society. His goal is to pass on the traditional values, voices, and culture to younger generations. In his eight films, Kamae has captured the words, songs, expressions, and activities of more than 40 kupuna, or Hawaiian elders, the last living links to pre-modern Hawaiian life. The films have been shown at major film festivals in the United States and have been purchased by the state prison system for its rehabilitation program. Though 2.3 million people have seen his work, including 800,000 school children, Kamae works to make sure his films remain widely accessible and to preserve the irreplaceable materials entrusted to him by his subjects.  

image of Elijah Ary

Elijah Ary is one of the first Western reincarnations (tulkus) in Tibetan Buddhism.  Like the Dalai Lama, in Tibetan Buddhism, the higher lamas are reborn with their memories relatively intact. When Tibetan Buddhism began to be persecuted by China, they began to "incarnate" in other cultures and countries; hence the "new" phenomena of Western tulkus-- Tibetan reincarnations reborn in other countries and contexts.  Ary represents the most interesting example of local and cultural and religious sustainability, and presents a unique solution to cultural sustainability in the face of persecution.  Ary is French Canadian by nationality, but spoke Tibetan from the age of four, and remembered his past lives perfectly, creating a huge cultural clash from one culture to another.  Ary went on to receive his Ph.D. from Harvard in Religious studies, and now teaches at the Sorbonne in France. The mainstream movie, "Little Buddha," starring Keanu Reeves, was based on Ary's life story.

Leeward CC at Waianae
International Week: April 11-15

Sharing Culture, Celebrating Diversity

Tuesday, April 12 9-11am Poi Pounding Workshop (limited seating) Lanai
  11am Poi Sampling (while supplies last) Lanai
  11am-1pm Study Abroad Program Q&A Lobby
  3-4pm "The Story of E Ala Canoe" by Sam Kapoi, Captain Room 3
Wed, April 13 5-7pm "Share Your Culture" Potluck  
  6:30-7pm Cultural Dance Performances  
Th, April 14 1:30-2:45pm Latin Zumba Room 1
  3-5pm The Cultural Significance of the
Urohs Skirt & Other Micronesian Issues
Room 3
Around Campus   Filipino Architecture Displays
Cultural Displays and Decorations
Fundraising Efforts for Japan's Tsunani Victims

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